Services Overview


Here’s an overview of the options available to you:

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Report card program

This web-based program is developed to ease the cumbersomeness, rigour, time consuming and errors associated with the running of the school’s daily, weekly, termly and sessional academic activities without the usual stress of the use of analogue or manual processes, as all activities are fully automated/computerized and can work perfectly on LAN (Local Area Network) as well as online servers provided by good hosting companies which can be accessed and operated from any part of the world. The program/software is managed in a user, easy to use manner and affords the school with the following benefits


School Enterprise Resource Manager (SEReM) runs on proven web technology in order to create a central system by which all users may access the program via a computer network, using capable web compliant devices. The network infrastructure for distribution of the software on LAN to enable access within a small or wide area or the internet to enable access to us from anywhere an internet connection is present in the universe. School Enterprise Resource Manager (SEReM) is fitted with tools that makes it possible for Authorized staff to configure which data it manages and in many cases, how the data is managed.

Interesting characteristics:

• Parents, students, teachers and administrators can use SEReM information about attendance records, continuous assessment record, end of termly pupils/students’ performance/result etc. • Maintain and install. • It will work with your current system and leverage existing technology. • It would centralize the mountains of data related to learning and automate routine classroom and administrative functions.

Interesting characteristics:

• It meets the communication and information needs of the entire schools community in real time. • You have a choice of hosting options: host the entire system on one central server or choose our host server option for remote hosting. Your data will be safe with our redundant security features and you‘ll save time and money. • And, it is utterly simple for everyone to use SEReM, as we provide a single, secure, centrally managed database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information of user school quickly.

Report Card Progarm

With RCP on the internet, it will enable Parents (or where applicable, students) to sign in and view the student’s result with all other information your school wishes to provide. The parents can choose to own copies by printing the results.


Examination and Continuous Assessment Results can be managed more efficiently in a secure and organized way. Teachers or designated staff can enter scores for their subject only and will automatically calculate/determine other data of the result such as the student’s position, grades, total scores, percentage/average scores as well as performance records including form master’s and principal’s comments for the term and entire session. This spares the teacher the burden to manually performing these calculations and will yield more accurate results.